Where kids, writing, and technology meet:

Stoybird is one of the few sites I would consider subscribing to as a classroom teacher.  But there is a free version that works great too.

It offers users the chance to write and read stories written to match the art of professional artists.   classes (3-5 love the pictures and often the pictures make the stories easy to write.)  If you are working on Narrative writing this is a very handy tool.


Especially when I am teaching about transition, or small moments. this is a great second or third grade site.  Kid make a cartoon video and add caption to the action.

As a rule this takes a couple site visits.   one to play with it enough to figure out the basics.and another couple to create a meaningful story.   (I generally made the kids create at least 5 scenes on paper before we started.

Epals.com has gone through a couple different rebirths since I started using it. But the idea is strong and the connection to learning are powerful.  So I still put it at the upper end of a long list of web tools.

Classes  connect to other classes around the world and exchange emails often on specific topics.  the site protects the emails and translates the languages.   Working out the timing is often the most difficult part but the  global exposure and real world writing implication are powerful.

Fakebook is designed to mimic Facebook.  Kids can look up, create, and “message” fictional and historical characters. Its a easy and fun way to get student writing about what they are reading but not a great deal more than that.   The ads are more than a little distracting for me but the kids don’t seem to be bothered by them as much as I am.

PBS is almost always good.  The Electric company is a strong  first- second grade-ish reading program there are good tools (games) throughout the site.  Sadly there is not a way to track the student work.   Still a resource worth knowing about.



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