Student feedback and Collaboration tools:


GoSoapBox is a just an easy to use student feedback tool.  Nothing fancy or flashy but individualized responses.


1800437_orig is a good mind mapping tool that can be shared and collaborated on.

You do have to create an account for yourself but it’s free, quick and easy.




This is just a simple online chat that can be kept open for up to a month.  So, perhaps a book group or something like that.  You don’t add  pictures or documents or anything other than text.



Think of Scrumblr as a digital poster board.  Divide the screen up and the kids add “index cards to one side or another.



Twiddla is an online Shared whiteboard.  you and your kids, can all write, draw, paste and chat within its space.   I imagine it could be a little cumbersome for some kids but within the right parameters this is a POWERFUL tool.


Nowcomment is a quick powerful tool for online classroom discussion on  a shared document or picture or video ( The linking a video is a little bit awkward)



Socrative is a web-based quiz, response, and exit ticket tool that is polished and worth the time needed to make a free account.  It also has apps for both iPads and Chrome.


AnswerGarden takes student responses and will generate a word cloud or Wordle with them.  Not a tool for daily use it is powerful when applied properly.

gf is a powerful tool that allows you to see students screen and to project your screen to them.  It takes a small bit of set up, but the outcomes it offers pay off in big ways.

download, Full disclosure, I have not tested this one yet but I trust my source so I am willing to post in and wait for feedback.


Padlet can get chaotic but so can learning.  Think of a wall with sticky notes posted all over it by lots of people.



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