Research sites and timelines

These are not meant to be an alternatives to classic research sites!

This is a list of other tools that either search the web in a particular way or have a data base that is hard to find other places.

National Anthems 2:

  CIA worldbook


I don’t really understand the name but its a good safe search engine.

Searchy Pants

What is it with bad names for good safe search engines?

Site that teaches or at least helps teach how to make a search better, easier, and more efficient.

National Geo animals:

the ads are a little annoying but, no one does animal info for kids better.

Awesome comparison site for both US and countries of the world.


I really like this tool for brainstorming search topics.  ( The name thing is here again… I know where this name comes from but telling you would be too geeky even for me.)

Gapminder - Gapminder USA


Kind of a  “one site fits all” approach to research; encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, atlas all from one home page.

photos from all over the world:

Timelines:    really help kids understand the linear aspect of history.


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