Nonfiction resources (3-5)


NewsELA is the top of my list right now but like all thinks digital the options shift and change at random.   You can change the reading level as well as store the articles you like.  Most of the stories come with a quick comprehension quiz.





Readworks is not as current as the others but the range of their work is far deeper.  The greatest strengths of this site only come with a pay subscription but it is a tool to at least know about if not use regularly


Dogo does not have the best library of news article, however, it does give students the opportunity to write and publish reviews of both books and movies.   It’s a source to keep handy when your kids are writing opinion pieces.

Scholastic News on-line is about as robust as the one you have gotten in your classroom.  It’s not bad at all but has always been a mediocre player in the world of nonfiction work for kids.

Time for kids is popular source of non-fiction text.   The topics are always popular with the kids and it works more smoothly in younger classrooms.  Their robust library of multi- media tools is also worth knowing about.

Other sources currently in the “also ran” category :




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