MLK page

I am a huge fan of Dr. King, I also am a huge fan of offering teachers high-quality pieces that they can use and re-craft to fit their own personalities and classrooms.

Below is a list of resources I have found, used, created and …borrowed.  they offer a variety of ways to look at the topics that surround Dr. King without retelling the same story over and over.


mr  (the script for The 1963 PowerPoint.


1963 is a PowerPoint and script our students have used to celebrate or explore one year during the civil rights era.


  • a list of my favorite Civil Rights picture books:
    • They are not in any order, and I like all of them best.

Hope you find something useful.          

MLK picturebook

Civil Rights Picture book options PDF


Civil Rights Chapter book options PDF



civil rights chap


Video of My Dream:     By Faith  Ringold


A nice powerpoint adaption of King’s Drum Major sermon:  focusing on the greatness of service.


A photo montage of the Civil Rights movement  – A nice intro or writing prompt:



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