Math made Amazing:


One of the best things to happen as a result of the Common Core is the complete retooling of how we teach elementary math.  Adding to our new approach is the emerging omnipresence of classroom technology.

Below is a growing list of links to sites that are pushing mathematical thinking, problem solving and conceptual understanding.


  • 3 Act Tasks:

Video aided lessons that use a story structure to engage explore and educate:

Dan Meyer is the creator of Three-Act-Tasks, so for that, and the fact that his website is GREAT, he gets top billing:

Graham Fletcher is another guru worth keeping a read on.  He also has built a robust collection of 3 Act Tasks.

Under The Dome is a Georgian math Guru with great content

  • Open Middle Problems:

Not to beat the Dan Meyer drum tool loudly but I think the Open Middle Math problem traces back to him as well.   (The all start with the problem, all end with the same answer, and all have multiple approaches in the middle:

Open middle Elementary problems:


  • Rich Math Tasks:

Are  activities that are designed to provide engaging contexts in which a class or student can explore the use and functions of math:

New Zealand math

NRICH is a great site for information, a bit cumbersome as a resource, but worth using.


  • Other Math Sites worth using:

Estimation 180 

A list  interactive math games by grade level

Math Learning Center (The people that gave us Bridges math)

Robert Kaplinsky is where you would go if you wanted the guy I get all my math info from.


  • More of my stuff , less showing off  the great work of others.

250 words on my “Math Face”

A GREAT example of how people use math in the real world!



This is the music video for after your class has looked at the math,













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