fun but not academic


Fantastic Contraption:

VERY fun problem solving game… Logan is trying it out now to review it

Jackson Pollock was a painter back in the 1940’s and 50’s his work was a bit crazy but kind of fun.  So is this website.



fun, ,mind numbing and even a little interesting .

this is sand .com

this has a strangely addictive quality to it.

Bouncy balls 

Just like thisissand, its not a game but it is strangely fun to play with while your brain relaxes.

Feed the Head

I’m not certain I totally get this one, but it was fun to make the head breath fire.

Vector Park

Its fun to try and figure out what to click on and what your going to try next.

Prettier, but not as addictive as the sand one.

Piccasso’s face:

Another famous artist with art work that is famously weird.


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