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This page is ALWAYS in development by the Hearthwood Geeks.  These are the tools, sites and ideas that we are play with before we present them to teachers.   Letting us know what you like helps us make it better.

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Just a Couple Questions to think about:

  • What analogy does Donnelly give to illustrate all the things a cartoonist does when developing a cartoon?   (2:20)
  • Which of the following is not an example of a cartoon?
  • A Strip comics          B Graphic novels              C Animation             D Editorial columns
  • Regardless of the method the cartoonist uses to create the cartoon, what is the most important element to carry through from start to finish?
  • The Narrator talks about cartoons as a “graceful or awkward dance (2:48) why would you want a cartoon to be awkward?
  • ——————————————————————————————————–

Comics, and graphic novels have reached new heights in the last 10 years.

If you are over the age to 30 then these are not the comics of your youth.  The writing  is complex, the dialogue is dynamic, and the the stories are engaging.

As a teacher they are a very nice tool for reluctant readers, and reluctant writers.

They are also one of the best ways I he found to get elem. kids to understand dialogue.

Comics by their structure and purpose force a writer to move form one panel to another not allowing a narrative to get stuck in the “spiral of death.”


Below is a list of various online sights that allow kids to create their own scene.

Full Disclosure:   For the most part these are one and done sites. Which means they will not save your student information but will allow you to print it , or download it .

library guy


Bone                                                                                                               Write-comics

supercomic (TVO)                                                                                         Goosebumps

Lego      Lego DC (batman)   Lego Starwars

Smile                                                                                                             Funnytimes

Amulet                                                                                                           Charlottes Web



Below is a site with a HUGE resource of comics the kids can read, use, copy or emulate:

classroom  themed comics

Stroybird link below below



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