Cause and Effect

The Swirling Vortex of Cause and Effect:

If you were stuck in a swirling vortex of some cosmic time-space continuum loop, that forced you to teach only one concept over and over, What one concept would you cover?

—- What?  You don’t think about that kind of problem every day?…

Okay it’s a bit of a ridiculous question but at the heart of it what I want to know is what you think the most important concept you teach is?

For me…my answer this week… would have would be the idea of cause and effect.  It runs through everything.  Our reading writing, history, science, behavior, politics, ecomonics, even cartoons.

More than just popping up everywhere … cause and effect is a tool for explaining the world.  It can be as simple as understanding that being burnt makes you leery of fire or as complex as the idea that the flap of a butterflies wings can cause a hurricane in the Atlantic, (as well as explaining Chaos theory.)

As it is with any big overarching, space-time continuum looping concept, as a teacher I know I need to vary the medium without changing the target.  If we don’t make that variation kids will assume no cross over exists.

To help with that variation below I have given a short list of books that offer multiple paths of clear and direct cause and effect as well as a couple short videos science related as well as some fun Pixar shorts (as well as a Pixar-like short) that lend themselves to questions and discussions on the topic.


This is a Playlist:  you will probably not want to watch all of these 

(Book lists to be placed here ASAP)

Cause and Effect PPT (PowerPoint)





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