Book Lists


Every so often I get asked to recommend books.

I love it when this happens.   First because I its a question I feel as though i can answer and second because its always a great excuse to keep reading kids books which is something I love to do.

So below are lists that I have been asked about in the past.

Civil Rights and MLK books:

MLK picturebook


STEM inspiration starts young and often in the stories that help to form our dreams and spark our imagination.




Books with GREAT Hooks:

Opening lines that make you want to keep reading…

Or examples of good story starters:


Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide7

Math In Chapter books and therefore the real world…. kinda..







is important, perhaps more important than it ever has been, but finding ways to bring it into our daily lives, and out of paper and pencil experiments is difficult.

Below is a list of 10 great chapter books  4/5 grade level that will leave your kids with questions and start conversations about Vocabulary that are worth having,

If you don’t want all the options my personal two favorites are:

a semi autobiographical story of a child with 3 qualities that change his life. a stutter, a love for words and sense of what is right.
DiCamillo has proven herself with every book she writes, this is no exception. A graphic novel the expands every preconceived idea held about the genre this is brilliant, engaging and full of the possible.

Vobac books

Vocabulary picture books Vocab. chapter books


















Chapter Books that will make your class think STEM thoughts:

STEM books presentation





more science chapter books


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