STEM and Story —90% Stories

STEM and Story    The powerpoint from the NCCE 2016 conference

This collection of stories all meet the following criteria:

  • They embody the qualities and skills we associate with STEM work.
  • They are all written for students (4-6 grade) and tested by classes of the same age.
  • They are all “mostly true”  (the grown up way of saying I am lying a little.) Thus the Heading 90%
  • All have been marked (with superscript) so that anyone following along to try and find the lies will know where to start looking.

Story of Air

The Story of air is the story of how one man discovered oxygen.

Snow, Soho and Sick

Snow, Soho and sick is the story of how Dr. John Snow set out to stop the Cholera epidemic.

Probably not what you think of when we mention WWII heroes and planes shot down in the Pacific, but that the point.

Everything you think a hero is

You dont hire an engineer to tell you something can’t be done.  You hire one to raise the whole city of Chicago by a foot.

.a Chicago Style Solution