The air of September

air of Sept.

There is an energy in the air of September.

Contagious, infectious and chaotic

It is breathed out by kindergarteners, nervous parents and dewy new teachers.

It is taken in by old school instructors, principals, and grumpy sleepy 13-year-olds.

We all breathe it in, body and mind responding ready or not, willing or not

The air of September is full of school.

Football sweat from high school players floats with the flop sweat form freshman and new teachers, then they the mix and mingle becoming the air of September.

The smell of new backpacks, new beginnings, and freshly waxed floors add to the scent in the air of September.

Crisp mornings that start too early and too dark,

Dry afternoons that end too early and too cool,

They season the air of September as well.

September is the New Year for me.

The calendar may think it four months away, but for every

Student, teacher and parent September is when we start over, get back at it, and celebrate the beginning of the new year.

The evidence is in the air of September.



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