Note to Self


Dear Self,
a couple weeks ago you were asked what your most controversial educational belief was. Your answer was lame. It is a tricky question and to be fair I don’t think most of your beliefs are controversial, rather they seem well reasoned and brilliant to me. However, for future reference, you do have some rather outlandish beliefs. You believe the way we teach, the way we have always taught is a stupid model. You think that passive memorization, standardized tests, and classes where 87.6543% of the work is presented and produced in one modality is easy to duplicate for the teacher but it’s garbage for any learner.
Self, where you seem to get stuck is not in the bold ideas, it is in your hesitation to move forward without a full plan. You don’t like to complain without also seeing a better option. You worry that changing the way classrooms have been run since the dawn of early man is a pretty easy rant to ignore if you can’t offer a clear path to make that happen.
The thing that really stinks is that you were asked that question in an interview for a new job that is a real effort to clear some of that path. You had the chutzpah to apply and the moxie to do the job, but not the presence of mind to recognize that you were asked how you would choose to change education while interviewing for a job that will be trying to change education. So… something for you to work on.
BTW Congratulations on the new job.


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