Thankful for the pain in my but.


There is a school of thought, which suggests that I (as a dyslexic) should be thankful for my affliction. Because learning to overcome, compensate, work through or deal with my issue has given me a unique set of skills. I don’t know any dyslexics that belong to that school.
Every ounce of resilience I gained, I also lost to insecurity and forms of public humiliation.
But I am thankful to be resilient.
I have learned that failure can be temporary, and real success is only ever a result of real effort.
But I am thankful to know those truths.
I know the weight of judgments cast; I also know the strength of a single voice.
But I am thankful to know the power of my voice.
I learned how to think outside the box because I have never fit into the box
But I am thankful for the broader view.
I understand that humor is both a shield and a sword and that swords cut both ways and shields block your vision.
But I am thankful to have learned to handle such a powerful tool.
I am thankful my children, are not dyslexic. Because the qualities I have learned due to my inability to remember a four-digit number or spell a five letter word are not unique to my dysfunction. Those are skills learned by anyone that has failed and had to try again.

That is what education should be. It’s why I teach.


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