Vocabulary in 250 word:

Wordle-vocabulary-1p1s4xh Although neither of my parents ever got close to college vocabulary and debate, were huge in our house throughout my childhood. We knew Roberts rules of order by heart. I could present a three-point argument at age 8. My brother put the butt in rebuttal. We debated vociferously and vehemently.
My parents would not let us play sports because they thought competition was bad, but, we were scored on the strength of our arguments and extra points were given for vocabulary.
As a kid words had important value in our family, they had muscle and sway.
The more word you know the smarter people think you are. I was a horrific reader but no one noticed until late because I was well spoken.
Vocabulary has torque:
“By age three, it is believed that children growing up in poor neighborhoods or from lower-income families may hear up to 30 million fewer words than their more privileged counterparts.”
A run of the numbers:
• The Typical high school grad knows between 40 and 50 thousand words and uses around 5,000.
• The typical college grad knows about 75,000 thousand words and uses around 10,000
And one more just for the old white middle-class rapper inside me.
Jay-Z uses about 4500 different words in his raps, which is dangerously close to the total number of words used by high schooler…and his lines rhyme!49pf3Ip
Vocabulary is all about exposure. Hearing, using and reading words.
I have a list of books with great Vocabulary on the website.


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