Teacher Appreciation Story #1

Gift cards, coffee cups, and cookies wrapped in tin


I have been given all of those over and over again.

Thank you cards, handmade art, and placards for the wall


as an appreciated teacher, I have received them all.

But standing in line at the football game I hear my name called out


I searched the crowd looking for the face that owned that shout.

A student from the past, must be 20 something now


he was older and taller but I knew the smile somehow.

He stood awkward for a moment or two. “That was a tough year,” he said in greeting.

“It was, I smiled back, “but you stood tall, and grew without retreating.”

“Yeah” he said with a nod, then he shook my hand.


“Good to see you Mr. C, Thanks” then he turned and

Hustled off not another word was spoken.


No hallmark card or coffee cup was offered as a token.

It was 30 seconds long and 10 years later, that return on my investment.


But like in the classroom where we met, success is an individual assessment

This job is measured in forms most do not understand, our importance understated


Scores and grades and curriculum are what we do but not what is appreciated.

What you teach is important. But it’s you that creates the impact


We help kids struggle, persevere, and survive with their pride intact.

A nod is no small thing.  The embodiment of growth and reflection


The nod is teacher appreciation.


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