Spring Break Poetry (250 words)

this one

For those that may actually take the time to count,

(You should have better things to do)

But I will run short this week, at least I am honest with you.

But poetry has its own precision, based on meter and rhyme.

Counting the words betrays the form and therefore wasting time.


“The Week before spring break”

I’ve got a great big problem,

And it has to do with time:

My school’s clocks must be broken.

I’m about to lose my mind!

it’s the week before vacation,

And I’m standing at the board

Writing out 100 times in chalk

“I’ll not tell teacher I am bored.”

But I am bored, and I’m tired,

And I’m ready for a break.

So I’m pretending like I’m sorry,

But I’m feeling like a fake.

I peek out the window.

I see green grass and sun.

I want so bad to be outside;

To fly a kite and run.

To Einstein, time was relative.

And E was MC squared,

But he’s never come to my school,

so I think he doesn’t care.einst

Time is not MY relative!

I’m not concerned with E!


I sure hope they start vacation soon

So I can just be free!

I’m ready for vacation,

And I know that teacher is also

‘Cuz she’s writing on her notepad

“These kids are driving me nutso!”

I’ve written mine ‘most thirty times,

But my teacher’s got me beat.

She’s written hers a hundred times EACH DAY FOR THE PAST WEEK!

(250 words)


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