As Soon as it Becomes a Real Thing

pedagogical Engineer

I have decided to make a career change. I am going to be a pedagogical engineer.  As soon as it becomes a thing.

I believe I am eminently qualified for this game changing post.  It is a position that will combine a deep understanding of the art and the science that is good teaching with the complex problem solving and dynamic technology acumen of an engineer.

In this age of personalized learning where the teacher’s role has been simultaneously dropped from center stage and elevated to individualized student muse, I imagine this new role will be very demanding. Once someone other than me recognizes its importance.

Pedagogical Engineering (PE) is more than just an impressive new buzz word I am trying to establish, it might actually be a good idea, for three reasons.

  1. Right now there is no role in our schools that has the capacity to effectively manage all the information, programs, tools, data, best practices and curriculum that come with the shifting educational paradigm that is personalized learning, these tasks would be juggled by the PE.
  2. Pedagogical Engineering, like all engineering careers, is inherently collaborative. These are groups of professionals that work to help students get the most out of their own learning. Kids seeing us working in teams sends them a powerful message.
  3. The creation of this career path could offer an inroad for Teacher-leaders to both share their expertise and take on broader challenges.

Maybe I can get Bill and Melinda behind this idea.





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