Elementary Logic –250 words



Elementary Logic

Logic, sounds fancy and looks pretty smart in the secondary grades, but broken down into its component parts is it simply a sequence of events each of which can be explained using reason.  Sequencing and reasoning and explaining your thinking are skills that start in Pre-school.

Primary Logic:

Based on actual events in a real first grade classroom.

  • They had just finished studying the water cycle and are moving into weather.

“Miss Durry, Miss Durry, I have finally figure out how gravity works.”

“That is super awesome, Tre.  Tell me, how does gravity work?

“Well… gravity is controlled by water.”

“Pause… Can you explain that to me.”

“Well, ok, see water goes down and up. Plus there is more water than anything else in the whole world….  So that’s why.”

Intermediate Logic:

Based on actual events in a real third grade classroom.

  • They had just started to study the circulatory system.

“Miss Hap, I been thinking bout how you said that the arties are the tubes that carry blood around the whole body.”

“Arteries, yeah that’s right.”

“No, that can’t be right, because my Mom says she had her tubes tied, so that would mean she don’t have any blood in her, but she does.”


When we teach critical thinking skills in elementary school, we are teaching kids to use the schema they have the water cycle, or the flow of blood and expand those thought process with new ideas, more complex  reasoning tools and deeper thinking





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