Public Classroom Christmas

Classrooms at Christmas:

Obviously, public schools do not really celebrate Christmas, the whole idea of separating Church and State makes that clear.

On the other hand, there is the reality dictated by 500 children living in a media rich world which has been seasonally colored with red and green, sprinkled with fake snow, and inundated with images and stories and songs of the season.

Christmas is an elementary reality.

So, from a strictly non-religious point of view, and a lifetime spent in elementary schools has taught me several things about December; that the common man (those less blessed) may not have learned.


The best part of Christmas is the excuses it offers.

  • The chance to point and laugh at an ugly sweater without guilt.
  • The opportunity to sing the one song you know all the words to, no matter the quality of your voice.
  • A reason to be nice to people you don’t know.
  • Christmas is the one time of the year when generosity is an expectation.
  • It is when we all focus on the needs of kids and families, and actively ignore the things that we should never have been distracted by.
  • It an excuse to eat the foods I love.
  • It a chance to deal with the annoying jingle of change in my pocket.
  • When else can you use a parasitic plant both romantically and legally?


This is the month when optimism is the order of the day.


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