It’s not that I dislike December


Not that I dislike December, nor that I hate the snow.

I get a break at the end of the month, better than others I know.


The thing is, my job is pressing, my to do list long. The kids need some learn’n.

There is a limit to their attention, and how much I can get those tiny minds churn’n.


As the weather turns south and winter looms heavy my room becomes a biohazard site.

These are kids that pick and scratch and rub, and wipe… then hug my neck way too tight.


Experience has taught me how to defrost frozen noses and little blue fingers.

But my silent dread is the winter weather distraction that in December always lingers.


Will they close the school? Can we make a snowman? Can I take my sled to recess? When is it going to snow?

Questioning, skills aside, their queries are a blend of tedium and anticipation that only a teacher can know.


December is a month of distraction, still I should enjoy it for one simple reason.

Nobody celebrates this month with the exuberance of a kid anticipating the season.


It doesn’t matter what they celebrate, or even if they celebrate at all.

The kids this month are excited, because of the infectious joy in the hall.


That first snow will kill a good lesson, as classes crowd the windows to see, if flakes are adhering.

But I for one will be thankful, for a lesson subverted by tumultuous classes cheering.



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