Reasons to be a Thankful Teacher


As a teacher, I think Thanksgiving comes at just about the perfect time because for me it is easy to forget how truly incredible this job is, especially when you walk into the classroom before dawn and leave after dusk.

Last year about this time I offered you all 250 words on why we should all be thankful to be teachers.

That list included things like prime parking spots, best chair in the room, and awesome work stories, and 79.3% of all Pinterest posts.

This year I thought I would add to that list:

10 more reasons to love this job:

    Your job is to be a safe, nondiscriminatory place for children to learn. A super important job.

    Every single day at work offers you a genuine opportunity to laugh or smile.

    You can be tall 6 hours a day, even if you are only 4’11’’.

    Overwhelming sure, frustrating yes, but never ever boring.

    This is a job you are supposed to take personally.

    No one will ever tell you, you took the job for the money.

    You get a lifetime supply of coffee cups you will never use.

    When you correct people’s grammar, they have to listen.

    You can blame stains and excessive glitter events on the kids.

    There is always someone out there willing to tell you how to do your job.

    You can pretend you read the kids’ books for your class, not your own satisfaction.


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