teaching communication skills -250 words

I have found myself thinking about communication skills a great deal this fall, with politics, both national and local weighing so heavily into my otherwise peaceful world I am overwhelmed by the impact communication has on me.  What is and is not said, what is and is not heard, or implied, or written.

For better and worse our nwpid-67048d41a11b6d7f54955d2dea4fbb61eed to be clear in our communication has amplified in the 21st century.  No doubt because we can and do record all forms of communication. But we do not formally teach most forms of communication, we just assume that they will develop adequately, and then pass judgment on other people’s mastery of them.  Which means I am now stuck with an awkward conundrum.  I do not think we, as teachers, can be asked to add yet another full skill set to our list of things to teach in 180 days.  I also think we, as people, will stymie much of our efforts at civil advancement if ALL do not get better at what is clearly a complex and multifaceted thing.

Some examples:

There are roughly 2o physical signs that a person is being honest.  Most of us can identify less than 10.

There are more like 30 attributes of aggression (50 if I add in language and vocal aspects).   — These would be handy to know about.

The default setting in the human brain is to fill in all blanks; if we aren’t offered an answer, our brains come up with one.



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