The Whole Child (250 words)

calvin___hobbes___all_grown_up_by_kevlevWhole Child education:

Every time I get behind a Subaru I think about Whole Child education.

Really, because there is a sticker on the back of most of those cars that reads:

PZEV Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle.  Apparently, Subaru thinks you can have part of a zero and that it’s a good thing.

Some things are not ever “partial.”  The closest you can get to a partial 0 is the letter C.

Zero is a whole number, there is no changing it. You cannot break it into groups or parts or fractions, it is always whole.

Whole child education is the opposite of the Subaru idea. There is no such thing as a partial child.

You are always dealing with all aspects of a student. The whole student walks into your classroom, complete with emotional baggage, physical limitations, parental impairments, and over developed personalities.

Every lesson you teach, every interaction you have, will be both enhanced and complicated by the whole children around you.

This Whole Child idea is not a new concept, but it lost favor when data, standards, and test scores ruled the educational world; a whole child does not fit well into that schema. Now as the pedagogical pendulum swings the other way it’s back in vogue.

The new version is less touchy-feely than in its last go-round. More an expression of the complexity of good instruction than a reason to give a hug.  It is also the meeting point for PBIS, personalized learning, and restorative practices.



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