Vuja De in 250 words


Vuja de

I am reading this great book on the importance of inquiry called A More Beautiful Question, by Warren Berger.

I saw a chapter titled Vuja de and was looking forward to a George Carlin riff, which never came to fruition. What I did find was an interesting moment when you are experiencing something that has become mundane to you- like teaching a lesson on apples for example and you suddenly feel as if you’re experiencing something completely new. This is vuja de.

It is probably more a mindset than an experience, and it’s also probably a good place to start asking deeper questions; because it requires us to change perspective or thinking habits to see something differently.

“The vuja de mentality is the ability to keep shifting opinion and perception. It means shifting our focus from objects or patterns in the foreground to those in the background. It means thinking of things that are usually assumed to be negative as positive, and vice versa. It can mean reversing assumptions about cause and effect, or what matters most versus least. It means not traveling through life on automatic pilot.”

A real world example would be Netflix’s deciding to make movies as well as rent them.  They needed to get trained up, but now their stuff is pretty good.

A real world educational example would be students asking the questions as well as answering them. They need to get trained up, but then their learning might be pretty good.


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