Design Thinking in Elem. (250 words)




One of the nicer elements of 21st century learning is the integration of the real world into the school world.  More and more the outside is creeping in and peeking around to look at how and why we do what we do.  This is annoying, and intrusive, and presumptuous.

It forces us to be reflective and often suggests that we rethink stuff.


Design thinking -How engineers, designers and scientists approach challenges. They generally count 5 steps in the process: Empathies, Define, ideate, Prototype and Test

In most of the literature out there when they combine design thinking and education they quickly jump into Project Based learning. I am a big fan of that too, but there are restriction that make that ideal hard to achieve, right now. However, I think most of our well designed lessons follow pretty close to this model.

In our world I think those 5 steps translate into 7 steps (because smaller legs need more steps.) We also change the words, because I didn’t even know ideate was a thing.

There are 6 basic steps: LEARN the challenge, ASK a bunch of Questions, UNDERSTAND the process, NAVIGATE all the ideas, CREATE a prototype, and HIGHLIGHT and fix the glitches.

Thanks to a couple clever Ed. Professors and the power of Mnemonic devices, you can remember and find out more about this by thinking of it as the LAUNCH cycle.

When you teach do you use each of these steps…would it be better if you did?



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