Happy New Year… in September (250 words )


My brother is a closet druid, He goes along with the social stuff like Christmas because its just easier, but then he howls at moons unabashedly. For him the solar calendar makes some kind of mystical sense, and offers a pattern that he can step in time with.

I should add to that by saying that for me, this is one of his least annoying eccentricities.  Mostly what it means for me is that I make certain his Christmas card is a star or tree design.  I am willing to make that accommodation, no problem.

He does give me that annoyed big brother look when I tell him that I believe the year starts in September. But 50 years of practice allows me to ignore that look painlessly.

I alternately have never been good with calendars, planetary cycles mean little to me, and early autumn seems as good a place to restart a year as mid-winter.— But I know the world of school.  I understand the start-grow-graduate cycle.  I know that my growth begins again every fall.

For me, the new year is marked by new backpacks, new resolutions, and new, long Ticonderoga pencils with full erasers. admittedly No one I know throws a party to celebrate but we should, because there is a palpable energy in air of September, everyone in school is starting over renewed and refreshed.

School New Year, feels frantic, chaotic and excited; expectations are high and full of hope.

So, Happy New Year everyone!


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