Our Kids –review in 250 words

Is a one of the books suggested for summer reading by the district office, I read it earlier this year and thought I would offer my two cents.
The author doe51k8KRU9qML._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_s a great job of reframing the cultural issues of class in terms that matter more to the world of education. By that, I mean terms that we have some small piece of control over. We do not control most aspects of the lives of the students we serve. That they are disadvantaged by race, or gender, or culture beyond our walls is also beyond our control.
The frame Putman uses is opportunity. What he makes clear in a well-balanced portrayal of individually poignant and honest personal histories, is that what divide the haves and the have not
s is simply that the opportunity to pull yourself up “by the boot straps” is gone.
There is no suggestion that all of the other factors or culture roadblocks we see are not real but rather that ultimately, where they all come together, is in the limiting of opportunity.
Our Kids, forced me to look at a problem I have stared at my whole life with a different lens. It gave me perspectives I have not considered. But, I did not like the book.
I am not surprised by well-illustrated development of a caste system, or shocked by the fruitless struggles of the underclass. As an educator I live these realities daily.
I just struggle with well written books that confirm a dark reality.


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