Educational Jargon (from NPR)




Words School People Use:

What does this schoolwork have to do with my life or the real world?

Best practices
Let’s all do what the really good people do.

Competency-based education
School should be about proving what you know, not just sitting in a chair for a number of weeks or years.

Culturally responsive teaching
Do you know where your students come from and what their lives are like?

Deeper learning 
Students should think hard, ask questions, and really work.

Is this thing working or not? Let’s find out.

People who try harder do better.

Growth mindset 
You can do better if you believe you can do better if you try harder.

Hybrid education 
Let’s use computers and people to teach students.

You have a good idea. Making it happen is the hard part.

Don’t stop until you really know a thing.

You might not have to go to college for four years. You can learn good stuff even in just a few weeks, and you should be able to prove that.

All students learn in their own way and their own time. Schools should help them. Maybe with computers?

If your idea is not working, change it.

Professional development 
Teach the teachers too.

Project-based learning 
Don’t just write words and numbers. Do something.

Schools need to change.

Teaching things step by step so the student can do more and more by herself.

Make your good idea bigger.jargonjargon


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