Would you do it all again?


Do it over again .

I know this kids that is trying to choose a college major.  A direction, purpose a life goal.  He’s smart, articulate, diligent and personable.  He could do or be almost anything, (probably not a bee keeper, he hates those little bugs)


“So, would you do it all again today?”   He asked me trying to enlighten his quest for truth.

Worded differently he may have gotten a different answer, “Should I go into teaching, or is teaching a good job?”

But he asked me if I would do it again…  I have never had a job that wasn’t part of education.  So, I have always wondered about how the rest of the world works. I could make more money doing something else.  I could participate in working lunches that did not involve, opening someone else’s milk.

But would I do it all again…

I turned out to be much more capable than I thought I was.

This job is certainly not what I imagined it to be.

Everything around me looks set to change yet again.

The kids come with problems more complex than a Russian novel.

But yeah, without a doubt,  I love what I do. The challenges I face make a real difference.  My contribution is small, but I can measure it.

Maybe that’s the answer… find the things that you would want to do again and again the then get good enough that someone is willing to pay you to do it.


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