Deeper Learning

All year, one of our inguiry groups has been working through a book about teaching kids to think. Making Thinking Visible

Think of this as being different than teaching kids to find answers.  Doing the math problem is finding an answer understanding what math problem to use is thinking.

#deeperlearning is the trendy version of the idea.

deeper learning infographicMy Grandmothers less trendy motto was “use your head for something more than a hat rack!”

Because the goal is more personalized learning; Learning that matches the student and the standard, rather than a lesson that matches the target, deep learning has very real value.

Our kids now, will need to be able to ask smart questions, once they become real people. The will have to be able to change their minds, listen and debate and argue reasonably; and those are just the skills they will need after a day working on some high tech solution to the global crisis of their choosing.

In a century where information is just a click away, the identity of smart changes from those that know a bunch of information to those that know a bunch of ways to use information.

Deeper learning is:

When we teach students to think about their own learning

Where DOK becomes more than just a list of fancier words

Why we all thought standardized tests where misguided

How we break out of the old school idea of teach test repeat and into the new school idea of Socratic method.



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