Presence 250



The boss mentioned it on Wednesday, but it was rushed and small and too easy to brush aside.

She said be present.

What a gift that is. Those moments when you are just there in your classroom with your class.

The stress of not gone, but you don’t feel it.

The noise is not quieter but you don’t hear it.

The pace is not slower but you don’t notice it.

At that moment, for as long as it lasts, what you are doing, all you are doing, is paying attention to the task at hand.

Flow is the popular word for it now.  But the idea is as old and the Tibetan monasteries that started the craze.

For me it is that conversation, no matter how brief, when all we are trying to do is talk. Just sharing, and listening.

For our kids, who live in a world of bright and shiny distractions, who do not have enough people that just listen, or just share, for them our presences is a gift.


It would be awesome if I did not feel like I had to multi-task, or if I could ask teachers not to. But classrooms are busy active turbulent places even when they are quiet so multi-tasking is what we do.

Being present is not ignoring all the turbulence and busy. It is more complex than that.  Being present for our students means investing all the cognitive part necessary to isolate and acknowledge how that moment is impacting them.


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