NCCE 2016 in 250 words



In the last three days I have sat in conference sessions about:

  • Digital reading –Turns out it’s just like paper reading only on a screen.
  • The gamification of the Revolutionary War
  • The 8 best writing apps for the primary grades.

I listened and was genuinely moved by two keynote speakers:

  • Kevin Honeycutt, spoke on the importance of sharing both our stories as teachers and our students stories.
  • Cheryl Strayed, the bestselling author (She wrote Wild and Torch)

Personally I have tweeted, talked, texted, and presented on the integration of STEM and ELA.

Sitting here it is almost impossible for me to see where the STEM work ended and the ELA skill set took over.

Four thoughts keep bumping into each other as I try to write this out:

  • Technology has created a small flat world. -What happens anywhere in the world could now matter everywhere in the world.
  • The more connected we become the more important our individual voice becomes. -Not because one person stands out in a world of billions but because one voice can now be heard by millions.
  • The forms we use to express ourselves will always evolve and change, but no one will listen to a voice that does not know how to express itself.
  • ELA is the world in which we learn about voice and how it is expressed and heard by millions.

STEM is how we got into this digital world of multimedia, mashups, and messaging but ELA is what we use if for.




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