Math Face

math face

My loving family has informed me that I have a “math face”.  A face that I make when I am clearly trying to work out something in my head that is beyond my current understanding.  My sweet and caring children were again explaining all this to me two weeks ago at an art show down on the Portland waterfront.  (Apparently my math face can be use on art as well).  “It’s like your lips get stuck on the W in WFT, not with the attitude just a genuine struggle to fit something into your old brain.”

Now if I ignore the painful fact and my remarkably sweet family finds humor in both my face and my brain capacity then I can rejoice in the understanding that I have literally shown my children what learning looks like.  Apparently it looks like a bit painful- no doubt it is that classically rugged iron willed type of painful look.

The truth is I parent in much the same way I teach.  I try not to make stuff up as I go along,  If I see the need to venture off script then I do so openly; which means that I get bogged down when the quagmire of new thinking intersects with the smooth flow of old ideas. Which is when I “struggle to fit new ideas into my old brain.”

I am fairly certain that seeing me struggle is a good thing… Now that they find humor in that struggle is slightly troubling.


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