250 words The man with all the Answers


I answer questions; either because of some link in my DNA or because I was born on a Tuesday; it is what I do.  I think I am so good at problem solving sometimes I will offer unwanted solution. I am a guy, after all. I have been known to “help” both friends and family solve issues only I was arrogant enough to recognize.  I usually do this without thanks or gratitude.

I mention this because it has come to my attention that as we move swiftly into a world where students have to learn to not just ask the right questions but answer them on their own my finely honed skill set may be even more antiquated than my taste in music.  Gone, it seems are the days of giving the students time to think. Now it would seem I am supposed to actually help that thinking happen.

If we as a society continue to move down this slippery slope of unfiltered learning our students will certainly fail, huge amounts of time will be consumed just teaching kids to dust off and try again. They will be force into situation where they will be completely stuck and then have to ask for help, from a source not nearly as trustworthy as… me…


Maybe that’s okay…

A world where logical consequences apply to learning as much as it does to behavior. Where teaching is about first helping people learn how to learn and then helping them blaze themselves a path.



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