Resolve 250



Every January I am reminded, like clockwork exactly how much of a dork I am.  I am a man that makes resolution.  I do every year.  I am proud of it and no matter how much grief I get from my kids for it I will continue my “stupid hokey lame” custom.

My daughter will tell you that my “resolution obsession is rooted in my unnatural love of failure.”

Not true! My love of failure is mostly natural.

My son will quickly volunteer his own insight “Resolutions are stupid hokey and lame, as well as a bit sad.” I embody 2 of those four qualities.

The research says that I have a 14% chance of success, but that is because I turned 50.  When I was grouped in the under 50 category and we had a 39% success rate.  (Getting old stinks) But the way I think about it is not statistical.  I figure I have a chance to be a better person than I was last year.  It won’t cost me anything, it won’t hurt me, and even if I only manage to be improved for a couple month I am still better off than I was before.

That research also shows that will be more successful if I make small measureable resolution, and if I make those resolution public.  So here you go:

Start good conversation then listen more than I talk

Run one Half marathon before September 2016.

Continue my streak of “Stupid, hokey lame” traditions.


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