a Nobel (noble) Geek


As in the Nobel prize:   For me this is the marker of the best our world has to offer.

Last week they had their annual ceremony.

It’s nice to note that the US can claim more laureates this year than any other country, but 3 of our 4 are foreign born citizens.

But the stat I work up, on my own every year is how many of these world changing heroes are products of the US public school system. Doctor Modrich ( Who is sharing this years prize in Chemistry)  is the only one this year.  But his name brings the total in that category up 42 Noble Prize winners.  More than the totals Finland, Japan, China, and Taiwan added together.

If you look up where Nobel Prize laureates went to high school you would find that 7 of the top 12 noble prize producing high schools are US public schools.

I think there is a great deal of depth to be probed in that data, (and not just regarding my geeky nature)

I do not mean to suggest that we don’t need to change our educational system. Nor am I trying to point out that we have been doing a better job than the rest of the world for years and the media just keeps forgetting to tell us that.   We are struggling and do need change.

I mean to point out that Brilliance in not contained, defined or limited by wealth or position.  It is defined by opportunity.   Our job it to create that opportunity


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