Thankful teacher


Thankful  To b e a teacher   (250 words)

It is easy to be grumpy as a teacher.  The demands, complaints, pressures and changes are just the top of the list of things that weigh heavy on our shoulders.

This time of year, as we ask our kids to be thankful for all they have, I thought I would reflect on the best parts of this job.

Five days a week there are 20 some kids standing outside your doors eager to get inside and spend time with you.

We get to eat in a private dining room.

No profession that gets to spend as much time as us helping kids celebrate themselves.

There are very few adults that understand what we do all day, but there are even fewer that could actually do it.

What we lose in salary we gain in karma.

You are guaranteed the best chair in the room.

There is no other profession as kid friendly as teaching.

We don’t have to pay for parking.

There is an endless supply of funny stories to tell at parties.

You never have to worry about the value of your stock options.

Late start days still count as full days.

No one has more control over what happens in your classroom than you.

You will be part of life changing moments.

Nobody else gets the week between Christmas and New Year off every year.

You feel like a rock star every time you are spotted at Winco.

The platitude is true.  You really do touch the future.


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