teaching Analogies:

analogy 250

“One of the reasons I am more comfortable in the intermediate grades has to do with my love of a good analogy.  A great analogy is like verbal glimpse into the other person’s world.  It lets me see what they are interested in, the complexity of their thinking and (with kids) their abstract processing.

Once I have that glimpse I can look for ways to communicate at a level they will understand.

I went looking for analogies this week to see what I could find:

  • ·         Kinder:  “No, 3 fingers and 3 fingers is different form 6 fingers because it’s not the same that’s why.”
  • ·         Second: “Dudley is just like my dog only funner and lazier and plus my dog is a Chihuahua.”
  • ·         Fourth:  “Arian is just like a deer. Because he has big eyes and makes smart choices.”

Candy on the other hand is a 5th grader and thinks “Analogies are mostly stupid because the things that people compare are not the same but they pretend that they are.”

Candy is intelligent, articulate and has many higher order thinking and processing skills but still gets stuck in the concrete on one end of her spectrum.

That is good information to have when you’re trying to teach about inference. Or considering who may need re-evaluation on one level or another.

I think Forest said it best

Teaching is like a box of chocolates…. You never know what you are going to get.

IF you have a better teacher analogy… share it.


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