What Makes You Say that?


What makes you say that?

It’s probably not fair to my own kids that I use teacher tricks on them, forcing them to think when they would rather be producing a bit of healthy brain decay in front of a screen.  But I do it anyway.

One of my personal favorites is the classic “what makes you say that? ” response to any 16-year-olds declarative statement.

“J Law doesn’t need more money but she’s totally right about that pay thing.”

What makes you say that?

Now, as teen agers the lesson behind the question is that if you cannot backup your voice with thought then you should not use your voice.

8 years ago the lesson was similar, can you find the reasons your brain used to come up with that answer?

“In my Addy book, the two boys are sold and Addy has to leave with mom, its weird.”

What makes you say that?

12 years ago the lesson looked different but wasn’t really.   Just keep talking kiddo because I need you to be able to connect your word to what you just thought in a couple different ways and this is how we do that.

“Dory is my favorite for because I like her the best?”

“What makes you say that?”

This is also a very crafty tool to get your students to expand their thinking, justify their argument or provide evidence.  So clever that it is one on those thinking routines from the Making Thinking Visible book.


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