the Patterns in my school week (250 words)


She knew before she opened the door that he was going to have a difficult day.  The thumping on the outside wall was the start of a pattern she already understood.

“Mr. Cleary I already know how to do all of this, all the 7s are blue.  You just have to tell me which ones equal 7.”

“Each of our stories has a Cinderella and a shoe and a pumpkin it’s just that the shoes, pumpkins and names are never the same, so we have to find the pattern in out version of the story.”

“PEMDAS is just the order that math problem come in so if you know the order you just have to follow it.”

The apples are red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green,… except I don’t like green apples so they are red yellow blue and orange.”

“I love that all his books are the same with kids who

have gods for parents but their all different because none of it’s the same, you know what I mean?”

I did, and while it was not the most articulate summary of Riodans work, I knew the pattern well.

The brain is hardwired to look for patterns. Which is good because its one of those concepts that we are supposed to focus on in the ELA standards, math practices and NGSS.

The distinction comes not in finding the patterns, we cannot help but do that as humans. The power comes in the constant reminder that we just found another.


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