(250) Executive Functions:

Executive function:

EF function

It sounds like the name of a Tom Clancy novel or the title of a CNN investigation of CEO’s that don’t really do anything.  Sadly EF is not exciting enough for Clancy and too complicated for CNN.

Goal setting,




& focus

are the bold type in EF books or article.

It should sound to you at this point like the newest term to replace ADD, but more accurately it’s the group of brain functions that are effective by ADHD, and by Asperger’s, and children born into poverty.

I spent a week this summer sitting in a hotel learning about executive function because its clear to me that the kids that lack these tool are doomed before they start.

That would be the bad news, the good news is that at least to some measure EF skills can be taught.

A (kinda) made-up story:

“Okay class this is our schedule for today.

“Logan what’s next up on the schedule?”


“Logan will you look at the schedule taped to your desk?”

“Perfect. What did we just finish?”


“Yeah, we surely did, will you check that off your schedule?”

“Great, now what’s next Logan?”

“?? This one?”

“Yep it surely is.  What does that say?”


Logan may have some EF issues. He may not have a clue that his days follows a pattern.  Until teacher K

Points it out, his day just happens to him.   It’s a small little step but an important one.


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