Educational Rigor-mortis

Frustrated-Student copyEducational Rigor-mortis

Some weeks, especially on a Thursday or Friday, I suffer from Educational Rigor-mortis Disorder.   (Those times when we have “rigored” ourselves and our students to a near brain dead state.)

It is a common affliction among our profession.  Symptoms include headaches, stiff necks, a low tolerance for foolish questions, increased consumption of chocolate and a reflexives desire to roll your eyes at any sentences with the terms: assessment, analysis, depth of knowledge, or increased rigor.

The most recent studies on the subject suggest that while no direct link to the flu or hay fever have been found the seasonal increases in cases of ERD (Educational Rigor-mortis Disorder) have similar patterns.

While ERD is not deadly it can be debilitating to even the most seasoned professionals, leaving them lifeless and lethargic in the classroom.

The best way to combat ERD is to remember the 4 simple rules:

  • Appreciate the work of other teachers. There is great evidence showing that if you take the time to value others you increase your own sense of worth.
  • Build community. Not just in September, take time to play a game with your kids.
  • Crazy hair day, Hawaiian shirt day, or pajama day something to break up the funk and get the day started with a smile.
  • Make a list. NOT a list of what you need to do. A list of what you have already done.  A reminder that there has been success in the past, and that it will come again.

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