A Brilliant Dumb idea (250 words)

It occurred to me the other night while my son was watching TV and I was reading.

We could solve all of the problems in education if we just start our own cable channel.

The EDchannel

we could produce shows like…


Where teachers master teachers from across the country are given one hour to prepare and present a lesson and include the mystery curriculum to our panel of experts.

Teachers Tutors and trainers:

“Watch as Gal Fieri drives across the country in a Prius to explore experience an exploit classrooms and the amazing ways educators are getting the job done.”

Extreme Classroom Makeover

A whole bunch of shop teachers join forces with designers and architect to remodel classroom to create engaging learning environments.

Keeping Up with the Kindergartens:

More drama, more tears, and more authentic beauty than any other reality show.

Cutthroat Classroom:

Teachers compete to finish the best lesson possible while being sabotaged with strange but somehow entertaining limitations.

Think of the power behind this lunacy

  • The Food network pulls in over 100 million in ads alone.
  • The general public would actually see what teachers do.
  • Teachers would get to see what other teachers do.
  • Merit pay would be called profit sharing.

Last year (pre-cable) my son would come home from practice and fix himself a PB&J or burnt grilled cheese.

This week he broiled turkey, bruschetta and provolone on Focaccia, with a garlic aioli spread.

I asked…

He said “What…Bobby Flay does this all the time.”


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