I’m a Dad

I am a Dad.

I’m a coach for sports I never played

A cheerleader for teams I know will lose

A teacher of subjects I failed in school.

I am a chauffeur, cook, clean, mow, plumb and repair.

I do not do these things because my kids are watching.

I do them because they need to be done.

My kids have heard me laugh until I cried

Giggle like a little girl

Sing Disney songs from heart, and

Scream at them when I should have held my tongue

Because these are parts

of me

My kids have seen me stand up for the weak

Sweat to make myself better

Fail and try again, and

Lose poorly and walk away

Because these are parts

of me

I have carried them

Fed them

Read to them

fought for them, and

fought with them

Because these are part

Of parenting

If I could think about

Each action before I took it

Each speech before I gave it

Each mistake before I made it

I would have been a better Dad

But does not slow down to let us parent

So my kids get the best of me and the worst.

They get all of me.

My parenting advice is the same advice I

Give my kids every day.

Keep trying.


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