Everything I need to know I learned from Indiana Jones:

I know people that say they learned everything they need to know in kindergarten. I must be a bit slower, for me, the important things really hit home as I watched the Indiana Jones movies.
• Never give up. Even if it means jumping off a freighter and swimming over to a Nazi submarine.
• Fight for what you believe in. Heroes fight for a cause, not fame and glory.
• Family matters. Even when they are frustrating, distant and don’t understand; they are a part of who you are.
• You need to be able to take a punch, as well as punch back. Life is not a battlefield, but if you fight for what you believe in, then you should expect a battle.
• History matters. Who we are now is built on who we were. Knowing our past is how we building our future.
• It’s not what you know, it how you use it. Just knowing how to read Latin will not get to the Holy Grail, (but it really helps)
• Make room for things you don’t understand. Whether it’s a power greater than yourself, aliens, or voodoo dolls in India, not understanding something does not make it less real.
• Getting lost is part of every adventure. If you always know the next step it’s called a routine. If you have to look for clues and direction its exciting.
• Stand up to your fears. There will always be snakes to scare you; the trick is finding a way to get past them.
• Create your own identity. Even if you are defined by something as simple as an old hat. Don’t let anyone tell you it is not important.
By B Cleary


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